25 songwriters followed the call of the publisher in the mountains. The result is convincing.


From the 10th to 14 March 2014 the second Pop & Songwriter Camp of Schedler Music took place.

Music publisher Rudi Schedler and his team invited again into the mountains. Organized in the previous year for the first time, the SCHEDLER MUSIC SUMMIT in 2014 was once again a great success. In the Tyrol, at 1500 above sea level, 25 songwriters were working in the pop and schlager songwriter camp on new songs. Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Arlberg, also Snow and Fun were not neglected.

“The idea of a songwriter camp in the mountains, surrounded by stunning Alpine scenery, rather than be held in major cities like New York, London or Berlin, was born at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg nearly two years ago”, Rudi Schedler tells about the development of the Summit.

“We wanted to invite songwriters but also their A & R’s, managers, labels and other industry participants and since this is still connected to a long journey, we had the idea of the summit. So we have designed the first industry summit of a different kind.” This means: the first 4 -5 days are called for creative working, songs are being written. Friday night, some of these songs are presented at the branch meeting and Saturdays’ motto is snow & fun. Hiking, skiing … enjoy the mountains. The day ends with a colorful evening and a lot of music of our artists.

It’s all about the song is the guiding principle under which the Tyrolean publishers are looking for young and developing talents.


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