…exciting first US-Songwriter Camp with great impressions:

From November 10th to 12th, the Austrian publisher Rudi Schedler (Schedler Music) invited to the first own writing camp in Nashville (TN/USA). A total of 15 songwriters from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Australia and the United States were present. Authors of US publishers like Downtown Music Publishing, Roundhill Music, BMG, The Royalty Network, etc. were also attending the camp. There were songs written for the American as well as for the European market.

On Thursday evening (Nov., 12th), Schedler Music presented the incurred songs of the camp in front of industry people, as well as for other interested musicians and songwriters in the “Listening Room Café” (www.listeningroomcafe.com). Various songs from the pop, R’n’B, rock, and pop / dance genre were presented. All in all, 14 songs incurred in this camp, 3 of them were already reserved in the same week, so Alex Schedler (A&R and responsible for the creative part of the camps). Whether there will be another edition soon, is still open – but it looks good for further future US camps by Schedler Music.

We are looking forward to the first releases!

Nashville/European Writers Camp

Nashville/European Writers Night (Showcase) - Listening Room Café